Nuns at the beach – smile therapy photoshoot

“I said penguin costumes! Penguins!”

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Piggy back and a few more photos and video of the making of this will be added in future.

Nuns having far too much fun at the beach

Nuns at the beach


Nuns having fun recreated

Nuns having fun recreated



Concept: Julia Edwards

Photographer/Art Direction/Photoshop: Anto Boalis

Photographic Assistant: Marian Buckley

Models: Julia Edwards and MC Brown

Location: Malagueta beach, Malaga

Date: Sunday 12 July 2015

Inspiration: This vintage black and white photo that popped up one day on the Wole Roz facebook page. I saw it, loved it, made it my profile picture at one point and wanted to recreate it.

Title: Seattle-area nuns on vacation, Grayland, 1960  Photographer: Brownell, Tom for Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Title: Seattle-area nuns on vacation, Grayland, 1960. Photographer: Brownell, Tom for Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“A group of nuns from the Order of Saint Benedict enjoyed their summer vacation at the beach in Grayland. Here Sisters Ruth (left) and Agnes play in the surf; partly hidden is Sister Rita. After a weeklong break they returned “refreshed and strengthened” to their routine duties of teaching school in the Seattle and Tacoma area.”

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