Writer, painter, film maker, presenter, creative chaotic, funny girl and straight talking dancer that goes by the name Julia Edwards. Currently shares her time between Bournemouth/London, Malaga and anywhere that will have her.

My objective is to explore my ideas and to move people – usually to please the eye and bring them a moment of happiness. A smile is good but if someone snorts wine out of their nose or is shaking too much from laughter to be able to type, then I consider my work is done. Right now I am working hard as businesswoman/designer to be in a position to follow my creative passions part time.

I’m also a fan of the absurd and the naked. Time is precious. We don’t know much we have got. Being able physically to do things is something to be grateful for. I’m damn well making the most of my mind AND my body. I was driving through my beloved Southbourne in Summer 2014 when I spotted an old lady struggling up a hill with her zimmer frame and I thought “I’m glad I am doing all this crazy stuff now as what wonderful memories I will have when I am old and how pleased I will be that I made the most of my life.”

This tending my garden of creative thoughts started when I was slipping toward becoming forty and watching Lady Gaga in concert on the TV. I thought “Oh my god! I can’t wear hot pants any more.” and deeply regretted that I had not spent enough time wearing my weird and expressive clothes, now feeling like I could not. I lost weight, lost my husband (on purpose) and lost my inhibitions. Started spending more time abroad. No more boring Saturday nights in on the sofa watching the TV. Making Saturday night TV perhaps and wearing lightning leggings as well as hot pants.

Artigresa? Well ‘art’ is self explanatory. Tigress because when a Frenchman, I met one night at an intercambio in Malaga and made friends with, texted me on the the way to get his plane home ‘My dear sweet Julia’ my then landlord tutted and said “He doesn’t know you at all. You are not dear sweet Julia. You are a tigresa!”.

Julia Edwards falls off rodeo bucking bronco

Julia Edwards falls off rodeo bucking bronco